Theme & Program 2019

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The first Nordic Electricity Market Forum was held in Stockholm in November 2018 and resulted in a new and ambitious vision for the Nordic electricity market. The vision states that “In 2030, the Nordics should have the world’s most competitive, innovative and consumer-oriented electricity market, that contributes to reaching the Nordic climate goals”.

After the 2018 forum five working groups were established to work on areas identified as the most important for achieving the common vision: 1) market development, 2) renewable energy integration and flexibility, 3) resource adequacy and grid development, 4) digitalisation and data management, and 5) interaction and influence in the EU.

The Electricity Market Group (EMG) subsequently compiled the working groups inputs into a Roadmap. This work was further strengthened by the Nordic Prime Ministers Declaration on Nordic Carbon Neutrality, adopted in January this year. The vison was also further discussed and endorsed by the Nordic Energy Ministerial meeting in Reykjavik in June 2019. Here the Roadmap was also noted as a live working document to be further developed and updated as actions and tasks progress.

The 2019 Nordic Electricity Market Forum will continue to address the vision and the action points formulated in the roadmap. Different stakeholders will present news and priorities for the electricity market – giving an overview of status quo in the Nordic region. The forum will also be a place for discussion – and together the participants can contribute to setting the scene and making the Nordic countries achieve the 2030 vision.

For more detailed information about the forum, the theme and the process, see the “What and Why” section of this website.