What & Why

Forum background

During their meeting in Oslo on November 23rd 2017, the Nordic Energy Ministers decided that the dialogue with relevant stakeholders in the Nordic electricity market should be strengthened through an annual electricity market forum. This was based on a proposal set forth in the strategic review of the Nordic cooperation on energy by Jorma Ollila, “Nordic Energy Co-operation: Strong today – stronger tomorrow”¹

The Electricity Market Group (EMG), a working group under the Nordic Council of Ministers, was given the task of organising such a forum, through funds granted by the Nordic Civil Servant Committee for Energy (EK-E).

Forum ambition

As an initial step, a preparational workshop was arranged in March 2018, for a broad but in-depth discussion with relevant parties on how a future annual Nordic Electricity Market Forum should be designed and organized. About 20 participants from the Nordic electricity market stakeholders (regulators, TSOs, industry/industry organizations, and user groups), participated in the workshop, which gave a good overview of the stakeholders’ wishes regarding a new forum.

The participants agreed that there are grounds for a new annual Nordic Electricity Market Forum as a venue for:

  1. Communication, collaboration and creating synergies among the different types of stakeholders related to the electricity market (e.g., producers, consumers, TSOs, regulators, etc.)
  2. Interactions between electricity market policy makers and non-policy stakeholders
  3. Input on joint Nordic standpoints on electricity market issues e.g. in relation to new EU regulations on electricity markets
  4. Discussions on forward-looking themes, such as visions and long-term strategies specific to the Nordic electricity market, as well as preparation of relevant action plans

In order to fulfill these ambitions, relevant decision-makers at a sufficiently high level from both from the political arena and the electricity market must participate.

The message from the participants of the March 2018 workshop was that a forum should help facilitate effective Nordic cooperation by improving the opportunities for communication between actors and decision makers, and by giving actors an opportunity to influence early decision processes.

The participants mainly wished for the forum to address forward-looking themes, such as visions and long-term strategies specific to the Nordic electricity market, fulfilling the same role as the Louisiana Declaration did in 1995. In addition, the forum should provide input on a possible Road Map to achieve the proposed visions and goals.

Additional comments from the workshop:

Implementation of the first forum

The first Nordic Electricity Market Forum was held in Stockholm on November 21st 2018.

Based on outcomes from the preparational workshop, the objective of this first forum was to formulate a new vision specific to the development of the Nordic electricity market. The vision marked a point of reference for the future development of the Nordic electricity market, which all relevant stakeholders have a vested interest in. In addition, the forum addressed a Road Map contributing to attaining the resulting vision. General energy policy, such as energy-mix etc., is outside the Forum agenda.

To form a basis for the forum tasks, stakeholders were asked to provide a suggestion for an overall, high-level vision for the Nordic Electricity Market, in addition to thoughts on how to achieve this vision. Areas of divergence and consent between stakeholders was identified through the material they produced, and these areas were the main focus of the forum.

During the forum Working Groups – divided by stakeholder types and cross-nationally to support a shared common vision – addressed the common vision through a method allowing multiple perspectives to merge into one. The groups adressed initial thoughts into a road map, based on the themes which emerged from the pre-gathered material.

The initial drafts of both the vision and the road map can be found on the page “Forum Presentations and Outcomes 2018”.

Post-forum process

EMG asked the working groups to continue their work on their respective areas after the forum, presenting a more conclusive version of their Road Map area, to the EMG after 2-3 months.

EMG formulated the final versions of both the Vision and the Road Map, based on the more conclusive material from the Working Groups. These final versions were presented to the Nordic Energy Ministers at their meeting in the spring of 2019.

¹ Available online: Nordic-Energy-Co-operation-Strong-today-stronger-tomorrow.pdf