About the Forum

The Nordic Electricity Markets Forum is the venue for collaboration and dialogue to discover joint Nordic standpoints on electricity market issues and offers participants the opportunity to influence the way in which the Nordic electricity market community progresses towards the Nordic Electricity Market 2030 Vision.

The Forum is based on a recommendation from Jorma Ollila, put forth in his report for and to the Nordic Council of Ministers, “Nordic Energy Cooperation – Strong today, stronger tomorrow”. The Council initiated the Forum as a venue for closer dialogue between the different types of stakeholders within the Nordic electricity market i.e., representatives from the producers, consumers, exchanges, TSOs and regulators in addition to representatives from the energy ministries. The first forum was held in Stockholm in November 2018.

The Nordic Electricity Market Forum is mainly aimed at high-level decision makers; therefore, the forum is by invitation only, and each invited stakeholder choses 2–3 participants as their representatives. In addition, all NEMF Working Group participants from your organisation are welcome to participate at the Forum in addition to other relevant stakeholders that are invited, depending on the theme each year.