Working groups

After the 2018 forum five working groups were established to work on areas identified as the most important for achieving the common vision:

  1. Market Development
    New business models and technologies / aggregators/ energy communities/ customer-centered and competitive retail markets / harmonization / price signals / financial and balancing markets / monopoly vs. market activities
  2. Integration of Renewable Energy and Flexibility
    Realizing carbon neutral targets / enabling increased electrification and sector coupling / flexibility markets / increasing flexibility through price signals
  3. System Adequacy and Grid Development
    Regional adequacy forecasts / transmission grid planning and development
  4. Digitalisation and Data Governance
    Real-time data exchange / data standards and harmonization / data security / automisation and smart grid
  5. Interaction and influencing in the EU
    Communicating Nordic positions and Promoting Nordic solutions in a EU context

    For more information about the working groups or  registration to these, please contact one of the WG-coordinators below:

    WG1: Peter Markussen:

    WG2: Heidi Uimonen:

    WG3: Petteri Haveri:

    WG4: Ina Lehto: 

    WG5: Rickard Nilsson: