Working groups

After the first Nordic Electricity Market Forum in 2018, five working groups were established to work on areas identified as the most important for achieving the common vision: 1) Market Development, 2) Integration of Renewable Energy and Flexibility, 3) System Adequacy and Grid Development, 4) Digitization and Data Governance, 5) Interaction and Influencing in the EU.

The working groups developed suggestions for the road map towards a common Nordic Electricity Market vision, within each of their respective area. This input formed the basis for the overall road map towards the vision, presented to the Nordic energy ministers in June 2019.

Subsequently, the coordinators from each of the 5 working groups suggested forming one coordination group for discussing and aligning the joint work of the Nordic Electricity Market stakeholders towards the vision and replace the working groups with ad hoc groups within relevant areas, as the work progresses and the need arises.

Currently, there is one active ad hoc working group, within the theme of “Future Flexibility Needs”, helping with defining and developing the contents for the two online sessions to be held on February 4th and March 19th 2021.