Nordic Vision & Roadmap

In 2030, the Nordics have the world’s most competitive, innovative, and consumer-oriented electricity market, that contributes to reaching the ambitious Nordic climate goals. This is the main goal of the Nordic 2030 Vision for the electricity markets.

Link to the Vision

The Nordic Vision and correlating Roadmap were discussed and adopted by the Nordic Ministers of Energy at their 2019 annual meeting in Reykjavik. The Vision was adopted by the ministers and the roadmap noted as a live working document to be further developed and updated as actions and tasks progress. Both documents were developed by the Nordic Electricity Market Forum in 2018.

The Roadmap was updated in 2021 with input from the online sessions of the 2021 Electricity Markets Forum on the topic of Flexibility. The update takes into account the increased Nordic and European ambition for a carbon neutral 2050, following the European Green Deal and the Paris declaration to reach the 2 degrees target.

The 2030 objectives of the Roadmap for the Electricity Market are