Nordic Electricity Market Forum 2022

The topic of the 2022 Forum from 18–19 May in Ständerhuset in Helsinki was “Electrification”.  EMG wants to thank all the keynote speakers and our 70 participants for a lively and good dialogue on “Electrification”. The Forum managed to agree on four recommendations on how “Electrification” could be supported and facilitated in the Nordics. These recommendations are now in the internal process in the Nordic Council of Ministers, who will get them up at the next ministerial meeting of the Nordic Energy ministers.  

Below you will find some key documents for your reference:

Recommendations to the ministries on how to facilitate “Electrification”

Keynote speeches, approach, and program content

Final program

List of invited organizations

Original long-list of recommendations discussed and shortened during the Forum

To prepare for the 2022 Forum, an online kick-off meeting was held on February 3rd 2022. Material from the kick-off was distributed to all participants invited to the forum, along with discussion points to which they are invited to pre-submit their input on. The long-list of the recommendations, which was discussed at the Forum, was prepared based on that stakeholder input.